With us,
it all begins with you.

ONI Risk Partners is the insurance broker that puts you first. Whether you’re looking for a business risk management solution, an employee benefits plan or even homeowners insurance, we take the time to understand your competitive environment or lifestyle and come up with practical solutions so you manage your business—or live your life—on your terms.

And while we’re part of one of the nation’s leading insurance brokers, Prime Risk Partners, we understand that sometimes those solutions are about more than the right insurance policy, they’re about finding better ways to manage your risk challenges, keep your employees safe—or your home and family safer.

We’re the insurance adviser that puts you first.

National Resources

Part of Prime Risk Partners, one of the nation’s leading insurance brokers, we offer a broad array of personal and commercial services, expanded specialty offerings and greater market access.

Consultative Approach

When you choose us as your business or personal insurance broker, we get to know your situation so we can design the rights solution to meet your specific needs—and your budget.

Top Insurance Carriers

At ONI Risk Partners, we leverage our solid relationships with the top-rated insurance carriers to deliver better options to our clients and improve the client experience at every turn.

Dedicated Claims Team

Should you need to file a claim, our customer care team will take you under their wing, help you navigate the process and act as your advocate with your personal or commercial insurance carrier.