Agency Compensation Statement

ONI Risk Partners

(“The Company”)

ONI Risk Partners, including JWF Specialty Company and Employee Plans LLC is committed to integrity, honesty and openness in the manner in which we conduct ourselves.

Compensation of the Company by Insurance Carriers:
The Company is compensated for the sale and placement of insurance products in one or more of the following forms:

  • Agency commission
  • Fees for administrative, financing, and consulting services
  • Contingent commission

Agency commission, which is based on a percentage of premium paid, accounts for the majority of our revenue. Commissions are usually a percentage of fully-insured premiums (or, in the case of partially self-funded plans, their premium equivalents), controlled by the carriers.

A percentage of the Company’s income comes from fee-paying clients. Most fees are paid in lieu of commissions, but in some instances, a client will pay a fee in addition to commission. In these cases, specific disclosures related to compensation are provided to the client upon request or through standard commission reporting by the carrier. Fee-paying clients enter into fee agreements with The Company.

Contingent commission compensation (also called overrides or profit sharing), which has been a standard practice in the insurance industry for many years, is based on the total performance of the applicable business The Company has placed with a particular carrier. Factors for calculating performance include account growth and volume, loss ratio or overall profitability, and premium retention or persistency. Generally, these factors are reviewed for the carrier’s entire book of business with The Company, not for any individual client. The Company has entered into contingent commission agreements with some of the insurance carriers with which we do business. Our employees may, from time-to-time, give and receive small gifts, dinner or entertainment in carrier relationship-building activities.

The Company does not enter into Placement Services Agreements.

Compensation of our Employees:

Our staff employees are paid on a salary based system, with factors such as job performance, education level, seniority, professional designations, etc. as the determining factors. Our sales employees are compensated on a commission system based on their production of new business and retention of existing business.