Maybe the New “Normal”

March 30, 2020

Safety and Health Considerations When Working from Home Dr. James Krouse, CSP, OHST, CPEA Risk Control Consulting Manager ONI Risk Partners, An EPIC Company Many employers have already begun to allow employees to work from home to attract and maintain a qualified work staff. Technology has made this process a game changer for both the
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What to Expect When Applying for Cyber Insurance

October 7, 2019

Every insurance policy starts with an application, and cyber liability insurance is no different. While the underwriting process in long-established insurance lines is streamlined, this is not the case for cyber liability insurance. Currently, application forms for cyber insurance are not standard and can be complex—often consisting of dozens of pages. For businesses attempting to
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Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Auto Insurance

July 9, 2019

You may not think an error on your auto insurance application is a big deal, but the consequences can be very costly. Giving inaccurate information on your application can lead to increased premiums, policy cancellations or no financial assistance in the event of an accident. Not listing all drivers—Anyone who continuously drives your vehicle, even
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Our Client’s Data was Taken Hostage

October 11, 2018

The day after Christmas, December 26, 2017, my son and I were at home watching a football game when I got an urgent text message from one of our ONI Risk Partners clients. She told me their computer system was encrypted and locked down with a warning to pay a huge fee or lose control
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