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Pollution Liability

Since the passing of the Comprehensive Environmental Response and Clean Up Act of 1980, tens of thousands of sites have been identified and cleaned, costing individuals and corporations billions of dollars. Pollution liability insurance can provide protection for property-owners, developers and contractors. Pollution policies can include coverage including clean up and remediation, third party liability and first party property for commonly excluded pollutants.

Recently, pollution programs have expanded to include coverage for mold, bacteria, and microbial matters which have been excluded from standard property, general liability, and umbrella insurance policies faster than any other peril in history.

Our professionals have extensive experience, and access exclusive programs with significantly discounted rates. We have placed pollution policies for:

  • Tank manufacturers
  • Oil & petroleum distributors
  • Brownfield redevelopment
  • Contractor’s pollution
  • Loss portfolio buy outs
  • Real estate financial responsibility
  • Over the road pollution