Employee Benefits

Because healthy
employees equal
a healthy business.

Your employee benefits program makes a difference to your employees and to your competitive edge. With ONI Risk Partners, you can be confident your benefits program will enhance your ability to attract and retain a quality workforce—and strengthen your bottom line in the process.

Our experienced employee benefits advisors will help you build a strategy that controls your costs, keeps you in compliance, reflects your culture and engages employees to participate and benefit from your wellness programs.

Comprehensive, compliant and cost-effective employee benefits.

Plan Assessment & Design

Our benefits advisors use the latest in healthcare analytics software to evaluate past data, current plan performance and future trends—and leverage their decades of experience—to build and implement a cost-effective, culturally relevant plan for your company.

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Clinics & Wellness

Your ONI Risk Partners team features in-house wellness experts who work together to create and help you implement on-site wellness programs as well as on-site or near-site healthcare clinics that maximize employee engagement—and your bottom line.

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Compliance Resources

HIPAA, DOL, ERISA, 5500, 105h, 5980h, PPACA, COBRA: We help you unscramble the letters and numbers of compliance. We not only guide you through changing regulations, we offer proactive tools that enable you to manage your compliance program.

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Human Resources Support

We serve as an extension of your HR team. From our call center team of legal and HR professionals to employee training and continuing education for your HR staff, we help streamline the benefits process and foster a culture of wellness within your organization.

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Small Business Groups

Designed for businesses with up to 50 employees, this dedicated team features experienced professionals who focus on meeting your employee benefits needs, helping keep your company informed about workplace issues and in compliance with changing regulations.

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On-site Healthcare Delivery that Really Delivers.

Your ONI Risk Partners’ wellness program may include on-site or near-site healthcare delivery. Regularly ranked as the best benefit by employees, this service helps your business attract and retain a quality workforce, increases preventative care and reduces claims for chronic conditions and prescription drugs, making it a win-win for your team and your ROI.

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