Plan Assessment & Design

Budget for what is; insure for what may be.

At ONI Risk Partners, we know the changing employee benefits landscape—and we get to know your business. Using the latest in healthcare analytics tools to evaluate past data, current plan performance and future trends, our experienced employee benefits advisors leverage their decades of experience to build and implement a cost-effective, culturally relevant plan for your company. Specifically, we focus on:

  • Analyzing network costs. Are you paying more than you should be for medical and pharmacy claims? With our in-depth analysis, you’ll know.
  • Plan design and your employment goals. Is your plan attractive? Are its benefits enough to retain existing employees and to recruit the type and level of new ones your business seeks?
  • Competitive benchmarking. We’ll evaluate your current plan versus your competitors (both in category and in market) and show you what other companies—and their employees—pay for similar benefits.
  • Contribution strategies. Our professionals help you define the contribution approach that make the most sense for your business and its competitive environment, including defined contribution and exchange options.

The result is an employee benefits strategy that takes into account your competitive environment, cost constraints and cultural directives, and how to best communicate, engage and enroll your employees.