Clinics & Wellness

Vital to the health of employees—and your company.

ONI Risk Partners’ corporate wellness strategies, programs and resources can help keep your employees healthier—and more productive—and foster a culture of wellness within your organization.

On-site Healthcare Delivery that Really Delivers.

Your ONI Risk Partners’ wellness program may include on-site or near-site healthcare delivery. With an approach that enables providers to practice medicine the way it was intended—in a personal, caring way— this service:

  • Makes employee recruitment and retention easier and sets your company apart from others vying for the same top candidates.
  • Increases preventative care, regularly achieving 90% participation—well above the 25% national average.
  • Regularly ranks as the top benefit by employees.
  • Reduces chronic conditions that can lead to costly medical claims.
  • Provides generic drugs at the true cost to the employer—and at no cost to the employee—saving money for you both.
  • Delivers a solid return on investment (ROI) the very first year.

We make employee wellness fun—and financially responsible.

Top-Down Approach

We work with senior management to create an employee wellness strategy that supports your corporate objectives, choosing the appropriate implementation items and carefully evaluating their outcomes and ROI.

Tailored Program

Relevant to your corporate culture and attractive to your employees, your custom program may include biometric screenings, health coaching, activity competitions, wellness fairs—and more—and includes communications to help drive participation.

Certified Team

Your ONI Risk Partners plan is designed and implemented by an experienced team featuring on-staff wellness experts, ranging from licensed practical nurses to certified worksite wellness specialists.