Risk Management

We’ll help your business
identify, manage and
mitigate the risks you face.

At ONI Risk Partners, we understand that the best risk management solution isn’t built on insurance alone. That’s why our experienced professionals take a holistic approach, looking beyond those risks typically covered by insurance and working with you to identify, analyze and manage the widest possible range of business and individual risk.

At ONI, we believe the best way to know how to control your business risks is to get to know you. The result is a tailored risk management strategy that reflects your industry and corporate culture and focuses on proactively eliminating or reducing the risks we can—and protecting you financially from those we can’t.

Eliminate the risks you can, manage those you can’t.

Program Design

We leverage our deep experience—and market relationships—to provide creative funding options to meet the more complex insurance needs of large businesses, groups and associations to provide maximum coverage at minimal cost.

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Commercial & Contract Surety

Our bonding specialists proactively manage the surety relationship through open communication, collaboration and understanding. We know how to tell your story to make the most of your bonding capacity at the most favorable terms.

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Loss Control Services

Built on more than 90 years’ experience, our comprehensive approach to in-house loss control results in a top-to-bottom solution that will help your business reduce injuries and exposure, and create a sustainable safety culture.

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Claims Analytics

As your claims advocates, we’ll work with your carrier to help expedite settlement of existing claims—and with industry-leading analytics tools to review past claims to create pre-loss strategies to reduce your total cost of claims.

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Certificate Tracking

Combining advanced web-based insurance certificate tracking tools with a dedicated team of experienced professionals, we verify insurance from suppliers, vendors and subcontractors to reduce your risk and ensure you’re protected.

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